Wage Labour to Dignified Self-Employment

Group coconut chip production process – Wetakoluwewa, Kurunegala

UEnd Foundation (formerly known as ChristmasFuture Foundation) is a registered charity, raising funds for projects through their website from philanthropists, especially, during the Christmas season. SLCDF partnered with this organization for two projects located in Kurunegala. These projects are unique as they are uncomplicated, simple short term, with one key activity leading to a significant measure of poverty alleviation.

Coconut husk chips production, where two groups with 10 women, each using their start-up capital, established two centres to produce coconut husk chips in Watakoluwewa village in Kurunegala District. These poor communities previously worked as wage labour and were glad to receive Rs.6, 500 net each, as supplementary monthly income through this endeavour. The coconut chips are purchased by an exporter who briquettes them ready for export. The women are now in self-employment breaking away from the shackles of wage labour which used to take them away from their homes. They now work within the confines of their homes affording them opportunity to manage their time with greater freedom.