UNDP-RIVER Programme goes to 11 Districts

One of the objectives of the United Nations Development Programme funded project RIVER (Re-inventing Values on Enhanced Reconciliation) through Transitional Justice is to train CSO leaders to become TJ community facilitators. In order to obtain the results of this project 40 CSO leaders from 11 districts were present for a four day training programme. This event took place at the Ecumenical Training Institute in Colombo 06, from 2nd to 5th July 2018. This group of participants comprised of 21 males and 19 females belonging to both Sinhala and Tamil speaking persons drawn from all three ethnic groups. These trained CSO leaders are expected to create awareness among communities on the TJ processes through innovative tools and approaches and motivate them for their active engagement in the TJ measures that are to be implemented in the near future.

On the 5th of July agreements were signed between SLCDF and 9 District Consortia and 2 NGOs in order to execute this TJ programme in the districts, in the presence of the trainees who participated in the workshop.