Third Phase for Building on Success and Expanding Participatory, Community Based Development – IDRF

Building on Success and Expanding Participatory, Community Based Development for the year 2020 – Phase III is a project proposed by SLCDF to the India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF) with the intention of providing assistance with developing selected communities in the country by improving their livelihoods through “Micro Finance” and “Women’s Empowerment” in the regions. This will mark the third phase of the project and is set to be implemented within the span of an entire year in six locations in three Divisional Secretariat Divisions of Doluwa, Udapalatha Thalathuoya in Kandy District.

Within the parameters set by the benefactor activities as mentioned below will be conducted by Hill Country Forum for Community Organizations (HIFCO – District Consortium Kandy) with three member NGOs under the guidance of the project lead applicant SLCDF.

  • Activities :

(1)        Provide training by trained cadre (in UNDP funded project) in land management technologies (for prevention of land degradation) for 45 families

(2)        Provide training for small tea holders and for pepper cultivation

(3)        Provide training in conservation farming (at farm level)

(4)        Connect pipe lines to an additional 25 families

(5)        Gender and Development / Counselling

(6)        Entrepreneurship training by NGO leaders / GO officials

(7)        Provide revolving loan fund (RLF) capital (total of Rs.750,000) for 45 families for various livelihood activities (home gardening, conservation farming and providing pepper and tea plants)

(8)        Sharing experiences / through exposure visits

(9)        Conduct awareness programme for minimising use of polythene and plastics to prevent pollution

(10)    Coordination & Monitoring

Furthermore the project will also be implemented with the aspirations of achieving the below mentioned objectives.

  • Objectives :

–          To provide capacity building for 3 CBOs / 3 NGOs for improved management of resources and linking with Government Organizations

–          To provide start-up capital for livelihood activities for women, especially WHH and families with persons with disabilities in 6 locations in the Kandy District along with necessary training.

–          To improve women’s empowerment in project area

–          To provide drinking water to 25 families from existing drinking water project (established previously with SLCDF support servicing 25 families)


On a special note IDRF should be commemorated to appreciate their effort as an organization in assisting and collaborating with SLCDF in this project for three consecutive years which has generated immense change and has enabled the proposed project to reach its full potential.