The Pass on Process Continues bringing Hope to the more vulnerable

Ms. W.B.M. Kalyanawathi, a committed participant in the dairy component of the Hope International Development Agency (HIDA) funded Integrated Agriculture project, hailing from Unawatuna, has been able to pass on the first born female calf delivered by the cow given to her to Ms. W.M. Kanthi of Parana Buttala Road.
Kalyanawathi’s extended family of six includes their 3 children. Her family owns 4 acres of land. She is dedicated to conservation farming admirably following the principles and practices expounded in the relevant training programmes conducted for the participants.
Kalyanawathi has been able to sell most of the 5 litres produced daily by her cow up to now. Her family of three young children has consumed around 200 litres of the fresh milk more nutritious than the powdered milk promoted by multinationals. She has been able to realize a total income of around Rs.40,000 by now through sales to Pelwatta Dairies, selling the milk at Rs.55-60 per litre. She has established a live fence in her homestead with glyricidia, a fast growing crop producing fodder for her well managed cow.
Kanthi who received the gifted calf from Kalyanawathi, is a single parent deserted by her husband and caring for her two young children, both schooling fifteen year old son and a 9 year daughter. She keeps a little poultry as well, while she still earns some income from doing wage labour in the village.
She has received all the appropriate training under this programme which equips her with skills necessary for the careful management of a dairy cow and also useful for managing all the activities the family is involved in. As Kanthi is a dedicated dairy farmer as well as a good practitioner in conservation farming and been able to establish a model home garden she has been given another cow by the local Veterinary Surgeon.
Kanthi though deserted by her husband, has been able to build a new life for her young children. Today her aim in life is to lead a life as a role model for other rural women in similar circumstances and to provide a good education to her children which she hopes will show them the way to future prosperity. She is ever grateful to all those who stood by her in her distress, her local CBO, the NGO Wellassa Kantha Sahayogitha Padanama, HIDA and SLCDF.