Story of two dedicated dairy farmers, participating in the development process

Ms. H.M. Gnanawathi of Mahasenpura-II CBO, received a cow under the dairy farming component of the Buttala Integrated Agriculture project funded by HIDA and implemented by Wellassa Kantha Sahayogitha Padanama, with SLCDF support. Though her cow delivered a male calf and therefore could not pass it to keep her contract, was keen on effecting a pass on. Therefore she purchased a heifer and passed it on to Ms. Samantha Kumari of Manampitiya, Horabokka, in Uva Pelwatta on 3rd February, 2015.
Gnanawathi gets a milk yield of 5 litres every day and sells most of it to Pelwatta Dairies at Rs.55-60 for litre. By now she has realized an income of around Rs.40,000 from these sales. Her family has been fortunate enough to consume around 200 litres of the milk produced up to now, fresh milk so much more nutritious and wholesome than the powdered milk of dubious quality peddled by Multinationals in Sri Lanka.
Samantha Kumari received the appropriate training under the programme for deriving the skills and knowledge in animal management and also the assigned Cornerstones training. These programmes equip the recipient of the gifted calf with the skills so necessary for tending it. She happens to be the young leader of the local CBO of Manampitiya, and is especially keen to increase her herd of cattle. Samantha also hopes to get into beekeeping as well and expand the activity in her village, by looking after one bee box for a start.
This process of passing on the gift will be continued by Samantha after the NGO, Wellassa Kantha Sahayogitha Padanama, has following agreed criteria identified the next recipient of a female calf from her community of course, after receiving the required training and orientation.