Sharing experiences on Environment Conservation and the role of civil Society

Group presentation on identified environment issues
Imparting Knowledge on Environment Acts and Policies
Explaining current Environment programmes of CEJ

A workshop for sharing experiences facilitated by three officers of Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ) – a DIAKONIA partner organization was held on the 26th of November at SLCDF Head Office premises.

The event was held under the “Strengthening Civil Society Organizations for Sustainable Development” project 2016 – 2020 and was joined by 20 participants including Coordinators and Programme Officers of the District Consortia and SLCDF staff.

Firstly, CEJ representatives conducting the workshop discussed and divulged information regarding the ongoing environmental suits that they have already filed. Further, at the workshop details, regarding current prevailing laws and acts to protect and enrich the environment were also discussed and reviewed by the participants in order to decide on what measures could be taken by the DCs to enforce and improve them.

Moving forward with the concept the DC coordinators and programme officers of the DCs were requested to prepare an action plan exploring the environmental issues in their regions so that the CEJ could provide them with assistance within their operational parameters by including their suggestions in the CEJ’s year 2020 work plan.

The “Strengthening Civil Society Organizations for Sustainable Development” project 2016 – 2020 is being implemented by SLCDF with funding from DIAKONIA.