Seed Paddy Comes Out Trumps!

Seed paddy production – Hakwatunaoya, Kurunegala

Another project funded partly by UEnd Foundation is the seed paddy project where start-up capital for ten families (two groups) was provided. They sold the produce and repaid their loans. In the next season,fifty families (five groups) participated and they too had a good harvest, and repaid their loans. A remarkable feature of this project is the twinning arrangements with the Department of Agriculture, who ensured that the quality of the produce is maintained. This encouraged the farmers to produce quality seed paddy. The average net income per family was Rs. 75, 000 per season. It is heartening to report that the project had reached sustainability by the end of the project. This project can now serve as a model with potential for replication bringing about enhanced production of quality seed paddy which is in great demand in the neighbouring villages.