Papaya Cultivation Technical Training for SLCDF’s Fruit & Vegetable Farmers

Participants engaging the discussion

One of the technical training focused on papaya cultivation for SLCDF’s fruit & vegetable farmers held on 08th October 2020 in Valluvarpuram Field Office, Mullaitivu District and 26 farmers directly benefitted through the training. Generally, fruit & vegetable farmers in the typical villages like Valluvarpuram face innumerable agricultural technical problems due to lack of access to information and modern agriculture techniques.

One of the key issues the farmers face in the said village is that the farmers do not know how to distinguish plant micronutrient deficiency and the disease, and what are the precautions need to be taken for the crops based on them. Until the technical training, the farmers were thinking that micronutrient deficiency in Papaya cultivation is a disease.

During the training session, it was clearly explained about the differences between deficiencies and diseases in Papaya. And provided mentoring to them on how to find out micronutrient deficient syndromes and what types of fertilizers to be used to overcome the issue. At the same time, they were provided papaya cultivation farmer guide book published by the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture. SLCDF Agriculture Technical Officer, Mr. G.Kunanithy facilitated the training under Palmera funded Project called Village2Markets.