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5th Monitoring is in Progress at Buttala
Home Gardening for Healthy Living

5th Monitoring meeting held and 2nd Agreement signed with Wellassa Kantha Sahayogitha Padanama for Conservation Farming and Dairy Farming on 21st & 22nd August at Yatiyallathota, Buttala.

“We have the choice and can decide on our own members’ livelihood plans. This is the difference that we see in this programme“ said Ms. Padma & Ms. Nanda, two women leaders of the CBOs of Buttala, who came for the 5th monitoring meeting of the Integrated Agriculture Programme supported by the Hope International Development Agency.

Twenty representatives from 5 CBOs and 2 representatives from the NGO and SLCDF Officers participated for the monitoring meeting held at Yatiyallathota GND. Each CBO presented the progress of the ongoing Integrated Agriculture Programme and the problems / difficulties encountered during the period. The Home gardening and Beekeeping programmes are slowly coming off the ground. These two programmes enhanced their capacities, specially women to involve in economic activities without interfering in the other work in the household. Practising conservation farming methods, at the home gardens, gave them fresh vegetables and fruits without chemicals. Apart from the consumption, the women used to share the excess crop with other families and managed to sell the rest.

Trainings were provided to the participants on Cornerstones Training and Conservation Farming to start these livelihood activities. The selection of participants has been completed and the land preparation already started. By end of September, the NGO will release money for the above programme.