Nirmala sweeps off her difficulties


Nirmala aged 41 years lives at a temporary hut in Suthanthirapuram Colony with her husband and child. Recently they received a house through a government housing scheme and at the moment it is under construction. Her family used to cultivate groundnut but their land is not suitable for cultivation in the rainy season because of topography of the land. The husband was also involved in the sale of ice cream and other ice based products using his bicycle. But that job also was not suitable for the rainy season. After carefully considering their predicament, she was compelled to look into some other means of generating an income in order to overcome their hardships. During the weekly meeting she shared about her issues with her SHG members.

The name of her SHG is Ainkaran and was formed in their Colony in the year 2016 with the amalgamation of 18 individual women of similar income level through which Nirmala has been able to save Rs. 11,000.

Nirmala, after taking a loan of Rs. 15,000 from her SHG Ainkaran, decided to get involved in the making of coconut coir brooms / ekel brooms and shell ladles / spoons. She had a sound knowledge in this skill since childhood due to her parents’ involvement in this industry.

The raw materials used in the production of the items are vastly available within the region.  Last month, she produced more than 100 brooms / ekel brooms and more than 200 coconut shell ladles / spoons of different sizes. Her income thus amounted to a total of Rs. 20,000 for the month. She said that the earnings were sufficient for her to take care of her and her family’s basic needs during the difficult rainy season last month. Moving forward she further added that she is excited and enthusiastic about continuing her business activities in the future.