Ms. Brigitte Weigand of Germany was glad to visit the Mushroom Cultivation Projects she assisted in Hambantota District in 2015

 Ms. Brigitte Weigand made a brief visit to Sri Lanka in May, 2017. On Sunday 7th May, she visited the mushroom cultivation project in Hambantota. During this tour she visited sites of 5 families of Hungama area engaged in Mushroom Cultivation who were assisted by her donation. Her contribution made it possible to empower women that SLCDF is focusing on. Executive Director and the two programme officers of SLCDF who were responsible for the implementation of the project accompanied her on this visit.

 It was reported that at present, 67 families earn an income of more than Rs. 30,000 monthly, while some families derive an income well over Rs.60,000 per month. Their total earnings from mushroom production stands at Rs.5,670,000.

During this visit, Ms. Weigand also visited Bimmal Sewa Sanvidhanaya which provides training and other support such as mushroom seeds and related services for the families to engage in this project successfully.  In 2015 after she made an initial visit to the field, she provided 10,000 Euros (Rs.1.4 Million) for 18 month project to assist communities in Hambantota and Matara districts for livelihood activities.