Improving the life of Marginalized Community in Hambantota District

SLCDF recently signed agreements with Hambantota Grameeya Sanvidana Sanwardana Padanama (District Consortium) and 8 member organizations to assist selected 120 families from 8 Divisional Secretaries’ Divisions in Hambantota District. HOPE International Development Agency (HIDA) is providing the necessary financial assistance to realise identified needs of the community through the project ‘Improving the life of Marginalized Community in Hambantota District’. In January 2020 a visit made by Director International Relations Mr. Cliff Dick and a team for HIDA to film a documentary in this area paved the way to launch this project as a first step.

Hambantota district is in Southern Province in Sri Lanka. The district currently has a population of about 661,000.  The highest rate of unemployment in the island is recorded in Hambantota with rate of 13.3% and has the highest incident of livestock rearing activity in the country. It is located in the arid zone with the lowest levels of rainfall in the country means that it is subject to frequent and prolonged droughts. Many people cultivate seasonal crops and rear livestock as their main source of economic sustenance.

This one year project will address most vulnerable families giving special focus to low income families, young mothers with children, women headed families with children, families with persons with disabilities and COVID 19 affected families. SLCDF officials visited to these locations to met organizations leaders and explained them to objectives of the project.0   The project will ensure sustainable livelihood activities, mostly agriculture-related for these 120 marginalized families through starting-up small business on mushroom cultivation, dry fish, coir making, dairy production, home gardening, brick making and other industries by providing start-up capital. Through the project will also provide 5 rainwater harvesting tanks to identified several in the region including the temple which will provide access to clean potable water to a total of 50 children attending Sunday school as well. Other four tanks will setup within the area which other families close by could also have access.

This short term project of HIDA will encourage the marginalized families towards a bright future.