HOPE International Development Agency’s support to the flood affected in 2017

The Mora cyclone that hit the island on the 25th of May 2017 had a spiraling effect on the lives of many. Out of the 17 districts affected 4 were severely afflicted. These floods had stamped its presence not only in the minds but in the dwellings of the victimized residents. Kalutara, Ratnapura, Matara and Galle were entirely engulfed in water. After the catastrophic incident the donor HOPE International Development Agency (HIDA) from Canada found sufficient contributors to aid those affected after the floods. The generosity of HIDA is highly appreciated by SLCDF for reaching out in times of necessity. SLCDF selected four districts namely: Matara (166), Kalutara (191), Ratnapura (201) and Galle (185) as the points of distribution. With the help of the District Consortium, local NGOs, Divisional Secretariats and the Grama Niladaris, a list of flood victims were shortlisted. In total Kitchen equipment for 743 families were distributed. From the 12th to the 19th September the distribution process took place by the SLCDF staff in collaboration of NGO National Action Front (NNAF), local NGOs, Volunteers, District Consortia and Divisional Secretariats. We were able to witness the joy the gratefulness of the victims and the destruction caused by Mother Nature in the four districts. SLCDF Staff express their heartfelt gratitude towards Local Authorities for the constant support rendered throughout this project.

Time and again HIDA comes forward to help those affected by natural disasters.Further, lately they have helped to support families with disabled persons for livelihoods development too. SLCDF joins all those affected families to say a Big Thank You to HIDA with a smile, for their unwavering support to Sri Lanka in times of need.