Helping Hands – Sri Lanka origin family living in Canada supported WHH families

Three participants from women headed households and families with children with disabilities from Therungama a remote village in Angunakolapelessa Divisional Secretary’s Division in Hambantota have been initially assisted in mushroom cultivation in their homesteads. They will be given a start-up capital of Rs.33,000 from the organization’s revolving loan fund set up with this support provided and the programme will extend to other families in the villages from the loan repayments.

Bimmal Seva Niyukthiyange Sanvidanaya is providing technical advice of mushroom production to these participants who will immediately start their new venture and earnings would commence within three months thereby achieving a monthly income of Rs.20,000 – 30,000 with increase of mushroom bag production.

This assistance was made possible by a well-wisher Sri Lankan family now living in Canada.