Hardship to Happiness: “Thanks to USAID”

Hard Ship (1)
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Hard Ship

Sunderarajan Kalyani born in 1980 settled down in Maniyankulam after being displaced due to the ethnic conflict. She could not continue her education beyond GCE Ordinary Level due to poverty. She married Sunderarajan in 1999. The couple was blessed with four children, who are attending school at present. The family has an added burden of dealing with the youngest son’s cardiac problem. He has been given a pacemaker and has to be taken to Jaffna hospital every month and to Colombo once in 3 months.
The family’s hardships have led to Kalyani being selected as a beneficiary under the USAID funded SILK project. Despite her difficult conditions she takes a leading role in community development activities as a member of Women’s Rural Development Society (WRDS) in her village.
Kalyani has also gained much skills and knowledge from the training programmes conducted under the SILK project.
She has put up a satisfactory cattle shed meeting recommended specifications and also commenced fodder cultivation with the grass cuttings provided by the Field Office. She looks after the hybrid cow she has received with great care. The cow dung is used profitably in her own home garden while the surplus is sold in the neighborhood. She gets around 4 litres of milk daily with the birth of a calf recently. She makes around Rs.150 daily from selling the milk, while the family consumes around one litre everyday. The new income has eased the family’s financial burden and they are able to meet their daily household expenses, while also looking after the children’s education.
Finally, Kalyani can expect a new lease of life for her family while going through all the travails associated with extreme poverty.