Groundnut sector launch in Jeyapuram

SLCDF Field Staff Member presenting at the workshop
SLCDF Project Staff Member presenting at the workshop

A workshop, for the purposes of launching the ground nut sector and educating households from the village Jeyapuram, Pallavarankattu Grama Niladarai Division (GND) in Kilinochchi district, was held on the 7th September 2020.

The event was facilitated by SLCDF Field and project staff members of a project funded by Palmera Projects Australia. In addition, the event was also joined by local government officers in the region and more than 100 households from the village also attended the event.

The programme was organized with the goal of developing strategies / approaches for the groundnut sector in Jeyapuram, Pallavarayankattu GND by understanding present barriers of the sector, towards sustainably improved method and plan the implementation.