Exposure Visit to India by SLCDF Staff

SLCDF staff at the M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation
At the the famous Tirupati kovil in Thirumala
SLCDF Staff and their family members
At one of the weaving centers in Kancheepuram
Visit to the Kancheepuram Kamatchi Amman Kovil

The staff of SLCDF were given the opportunity of traveling to India on an exposure visit through the funding of Diakonia. On the 24th of October 2018 “team SLCDF” headed towards Chennai Anna International Airport.

A staff visit was made to M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation and we were explained about the projects supported by them towards the development of their society. Some of the noteworthy projects that caught our attention were the growing of mangroves in rural areas to help fishermen in the breeding of fish, crabs and prawns, a great income generator for the villagers in the rural divisions. They also have introduced communal granaries in areas like Orissa where there is constant drought. These storage systems are beneficial to the community during crucial weather changes. It was a new learning for the staff of SLCDF visiting organizations overseas that work towards the development of the community. This paved us an opportunity to be able to see the different mechanisms and approaches used by them towards development.

During this tour the staff and their families visited the famous Tirupathi temple in Andra Pradesh, Kaanji Kamatchi Amman Kovil, and weaving center in Kancheepuram, popular tourist spot Mahamalyapuram, Crocodile Park and Annai Velankanni church.

Staff was happy to travel with their families and it gave them the opportunity to interact well on this tour. This Indian tour helped us bond with not only our staff members but form a good relationship with their families as well, where we were all able to share our experiences with each other. For some of the staff and their families it was the very first time getting on an airplane and we saw their contagious smiles of happiness in being able to share this great moment together. Last but not the least, “team SLCDF” departed Chennai on 29th October, with hearts full and bags full of goodies after a content shopping spree!