Essay and Art competition for USAID/DIG Galle

Selection of winners of Interschool Essay and Art Competition on the topic “Minimizing the pollution of ocean through management of waste including polythene and plastic in the Gin Ganga river basin” was held on the 25th of November 2018 at the Wakwella Management and Development Training Centre in Galle after two months of preparation by the school students. This competition was part of the USAID/DIG funded MWRP project executed in the Galle district. Environment clubs were formed and those in existence were capacitated further. Through these clubs the children were taught on the 3R process, importance of waste segregation at household and the impact caused by plastic and polythene in the environment. This essay and art competition was initiated with the intention of witnessing if the school children have gained sufficient knowledge on SWM, the result was clearly evident through the meaningful essays written and the colorful drawings. The wining art belonged to B. A. I. Hirusha Prabashwara from Christ school in Baddegama. The panel of judges included those from Department Of Education And Department Of Local Government Southern Province. The NGO leaders and community facilitators played a significant role throughout the process.
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Winning Art - Hirusha Prabashwara