Converting Small Business to a Micro Venture

Story 1 - P.G.Dammika (1)

Story 1 - P.G.Dammika (2)

P.G. Dhammika who lives in Kapuliyadda is a 45 years old mother of two boys. Her husband works as a temporary driver, but earning a regular income ranging between Rs.10, 000-15,000 a month.

Dhammika initially gained a little income from her existing small business of bag making and mosquito nets. She gained the knowledge of making bags through a training class. She sells them at the local weekly fair.

As a member of Praja Shakthi Foundation she received a loan from the Revolving Loan Fund, a grant the NGO received from India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF). The entrepreneurial training provided through the programme helped Dhammika in enhancing her economic and social situation. After she registered her small scale business at the Divisional Secretariat, her income has increased significantly and is in the ranges of Rs. 10,000 – 15,000 a month. Dhammika wants to support two other girls to start a small scale business and pass on the knowledge she gained! She says, “I am grateful to IDRF for uplifting me and giving me a purpose in life to hold onto.” IDRF has greatly assisted women and others to improve their economic standard through livelihood support!