Community Development in Eastern Province

Conservation farming - Seruwila
Women take on unconventional work - Seruwila, Trincomalee

HOPE International Development Agency (HIDA) is a Canadian NGO working in partnership with SLCDF for over twenty five years. It has always shown its active support for poverty alleviation programmes and has been a friend at times of distress assisting the communities affected by the tsunami, floods or internal conflict.

In 2010, HIDA provided financial assistance for small groups and CBOs of Eastern Community Resource Development Foundation in Seruwila in the Trincomalee District for capacity building activities.

The membership of this organisation includes conflict affected Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim community. They were engaged in community based development activities for their living. Under the project prior training was provided initially to enhance the capacity of both human and institutional to 24 participants on dairy farming, 21 on conservation farming and 24 on organizational management and leadership. After receiving training start-up capital as a RLF loan was provided to 12 participants for dairy farming and 20 for home gardening projects. The average supplementary monthly earnings per family were between Rs. 3,500 and Rs. 4,500. Out of those assisted in the first round of RLF, 30 have already repaid their loans in full and further 18 families were assisted with loans for livelihood activities.