Code of Ethics and Conduct for non-profit, non-governmental Voluntary Service Organizations in Sri Lanka

IDEA_COC_Online Workshop

Sri Lanka Centre for Development Facilitation in 2002 as a NGO evolved from Sri Lanka Canada Development Fund project (1987-2002) of Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Under this project supported to establish a network comprising NGO National Action Front (NNAF) national level apex organization with the membership of 18 District Consortia covering over 250 NGOs consisting more than 3000 CBOs in 18 dstticts. In 1995 developed a CoC in participatory manner with network members and introduced to network members involved with NNAF and SLCDF.

Twice, in 2002 and 2017, with the support of SPIDER project revised the CoC by NNAF and SLCDF with network membership and introduced to the member organizations.
In February, 2020, USAID/Management Services Inc., through IDEA Project supporting SLCDF / NNAF to establish a system for Code of Ethics and Conduct for non-profit, non-governmental voluntary service organizations to provide their services in democratic atmosphere.

Through this project CoC and self-assessment tool revisited and finalized by the group of consultants, populatrised 500 CSOs and other development actors. Also slashing an operational mechanism and system with user friendly website for self-regulations of CSOs with independent accreditation team and set up a general council to monitor the process.

CoC and self-assessment tool revisited and finalized. Accreditation process prepard.

One day meeting in Colombo with 36 DC representatives 2 representative in each DC to review CoC, assessment tool and accreditation process changed into online 4 hour meetings with 4 DCs at a time 5 Exco. members in each DC + officials and 4 – 5 meetings to cover all DCs.