Stories of Change

Nirmala sweeps off her difficulties

February 2020

Nirmala aged 41 years lives at a temporary hut in Suthanthirapuram Colony with her husband and child. Recently they received a house through a government housing scheme and at the .. (more)

When language is not a barrier for success!

February 2020

This is Uthayaruby Balakirusnan, aged 28, a mother of 1-year-old child in Iruttumadu village. Her’s is one of the families that suffer from extreme poverty in that area. She has .. (more)

Converting Small Business to a Micro Venture

June 2019

P.G. Dhammika who lives in Kapuliyadda is a 45 years old mother of two boys. Her husband works as a temporary driver, but earning a regular income ranging between Rs.10, .. (more)

Her Determination To Cause a Ripple Effect

June 2019

Vishnuka Sivananadan is a rather determined ToT trainer who strongly believes and follows the prevention of SWM mechanism in her day to day life. Some of the details mentioned by .. (more)

It started with her determination

April 2019

Sarojini was a widow with a son to raise dwindling in poverty. After much hard work she participated in the election campaign and was selected as a member of the .. (more)

Taking the Baton to Change the Norm

April 2019

“I was so excited to be chosen as an election observer,” says Shalini from the village of Korakankattu in the Kandawalai DS division. 18 participants, 3 men and 15 women .. (more)

A Blooming Flower in the Rural Land

March 2019

Manthai-East is located in the west direction of the Mullaitivu district. The Livestock Breeders Cooperatives Society well known as LIBCO of Manthai-East is situated in a rural area of the .. (more)

Transformation of a Peace Activist

February 2018

This is the story of the transformation of one youth participant in the Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation funded “Crossing Boundaries – Youth Groups Sri Lanka” programme. J.V Nuwan Chamara Chathuranga who .. (more)

Treasure from lagoon for Fisherwomen

November 2016

K.K.D.S. Malkanthi, 45 years of age, was born in Kalpitiya. Her father was a sea going fisherman and mother was a housewife. Malkanthi had six siblings, three brothers and three .. (more)

One Jersey cow leads the way to an expanded Asset Base (2006 – 2015)

October 2015

Ajantha Dahanayaka & Mangalika Amarakoon of Kirinda Gedera, Katuwewa, Weeraketiya in Hambantota District are exemplary dairy farmers who have made it their main economic activity over the years. In 2006 .. (more)

Getting Established as a Rural Entrepreneur

July 2015

Thirty six year old Ms. A.D. Tamara Kumudini, married to Mr. Samantha Perera and with 3 children hails from Pettagamwala in the Buttala D.S. Division. She is an active member .. (more)

Story of two dedicated dairy farmers, participating in the development process

April 2015

Ms. H.M. Gnanawathi of Mahasenpura-II CBO, received a cow under the dairy farming component of the Buttala Integrated Agriculture project funded by HIDA and implemented by Wellassa Kantha Sahayogitha Padanama, .. (more)

The Pass on Process Continues bringing Hope to the more vulnerable

April 2015

Ms. W.B.M. Kalyanawathi, a committed participant in the dairy component of the Hope International Development Agency (HIDA) funded Integrated Agriculture project, hailing from Unawatuna, has been able to pass on .. (more)

Integrated Agriculture in Full Swing

April 2015

Herath Mudiyanselage Jayasena 63 year old of Demodarayaya, in Horabokka Grama Niladari Division in Uva Pelwattta, in the Moneragala District is active in many of the existing village societies and .. (more)

A Committed Practitioner in Integrated Agriculture

April 2015

Fifty three year old Ms. A.M. Heenmenike and her husband with two daughters and a son, all married and living separately hail from Mahasenpura-I G.N. Division in Buttala Divisional Secretary’s .. (more)

Mushrooms is Her Mainstay

February 2015

G.H. Anusha Kumudini married to Karunasena Abeygunawardena with their three daughters, all schooling, hails from Angunakolapelessa in the Hambantota District. The family has come into residence there around 10 years .. (more)

An enterprising dairy farmer

December 2014

Ms. J.M. Nandawathi of Okkampitiya Road, Buttala, aged 51 years, was fortunate enough to be selected as a participant in the Hope International Development Agency (HIDA) funded Integrated Agriculture Project .. (more)

Hope brings a new lease of life

December 2014

Ms. A.B. Renuka of Unawatuna, Buttala, is an active member of the Unawatuna Community Based Organization associated with the local NGO Wellassa Kantha Sahayogitha Padanama implementing the SLCDF supported Integrated .. (more)

USAID’s support gives new lease of life to Kanakasunderam Komathidevi

December 2014

Komathidevi born in 1952 married Kanakasunderam in 1972. They have four sons and a daughter who are currently married. The daughter’s husband has left her and she has a school .. (more)

Hope for Women Headed Households through USAID assistance

December 2014

Selvaranjan Rahini born on 20th April, 1980 to Sunderalingam and Sarojini was compelled to stop her studies in Grade 10 due to poverty. She married Selvarajan in 2000. They eke .. (more)

Hardship to Happiness: “Thanks to USAID”

December 2014

Sunderarajan Kalyani born in 1980 settled down in Maniyankulam after being displaced due to the ethnic conflict. She could not continue her education beyond GCE Ordinary Level due to poverty. .. (more)

Providing leadership to an expanding local dairy hub

November 2014

Ms. A.P. Kusumawathie aged 57 years of Mulberrygama, Bedigama, Vitharandeniya of Hambantota District is a single parent with two children. The son of 25 years of age is married and .. (more)

An Overjoyed Dairy Farmer

November 2014

Ms. Gunawathie Gamage, who is 55 years of age hails from Minikawela, in Pallegama, Deniyaya in the Matara District. She is married to S.W.A. Siripala and have been blessed with .. (more)

From Adversity to a Hopeful Future

November 2014

Thirty two year old Ms. A.D. Mallika married to Mr. Y.D. Wasantha, hails from Unawatuna, Buttala, in the Moneragala District. They were blessed with four daughters, aged 9 years, 5 .. (more)

Vulnerable Woman does well in Farming

August 2013

Thirty two year old Umaramanan Kowsaladevi living in Sivanagar hamlet in Oddusuddan having a 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter, is the breadwinner of her women-headed household. .. (more)

Confidence Provided by Social Mobilization

August 2013

Mariyaseelan Theresmalar from Manthuvil in Puthukudiyiruppu Divisional Secretary’s Division now 49 years old is at present the head of her household having lost her husband at the age of 26 .. (more)

Talunna Farmers Prosper from Integrated Farming

September 2009

SLCDF has funded a Heifer dairying project for six participant families with disabled persons in the Talunna village, in the Tangalle Divisional Secretary’s Division through Navajeevana, an NGO working with .. (more)

Disabled Couple comes out Stronger from the Tsunami

September 2009

Mr. Sunil Paranamana a 44 year old carpenter by profession, but both deaf and dumb married to Ms. Thanuja Nishadi Gunawardena (again deaf), with a son 16 years of age .. (more)

Green Thumb

March 2009

Ms. R. Vasanthi is 38 years old, married and with three children. Vasanthi lives in a village called Thiraikerney (Palamunai 06 DS Division) in Ampara district. Until 1990, the young .. (more)

Looking to the Future with Confidence

January 2009

Veerasingam Vasanthakumari is 36 years old with six children (7 to 18 years old). The family lives in the Puthukudiyiruppu Central Grama Sevaka Division in Batticaloa District. Her husband abandoned .. (more)

A Natural Leader

October 2008

Priyangani is the eldest daughter of a Tsunami-affected family in the fishing village of Telwatta in Galle District. The family’s life before the 2004 Tsunami was a constant struggle, but .. (more)

University of Guelph – RESTORE Consortium

September 2008

The purpose of the RESTORE project is to implement a multi-sectoral approach to environmental restoration, sustainable livelihoods and development, with full community input and participation in specific tsunami-affected districts. One .. (more)

The Heifer Reward

September 2008

Ms. Mudiyanselage Dayangani Herath is 38 years old and resides in Udamalala, a village in the Hambantota district of Sri Lanka. Dayangani is originally from Polonnaruwa district, but moved south .. (more)

Prospect for a Sweet Future

June 2008

Rubia Ummah is 30 year old and lives with her husband and two young children. The family currently lives in Sennel village, part of Sammanthurai District Secretary’s Division, in the .. (more)

A case of Resilience

August 2007

Ms. Prema Nilaweera lives in Welagoda near Dondra, in the Matara District. During the JVP rebellion related strife in the 1980s, her husband “disappeared” leaving her to support single-handedly her .. (more)