DWC and GAC Partner with SLCDF to combat SGBV

April 2021

Developing World Connections (DWC) with funding support from Global Affairs Canada is partnering with SLCDF in a four-year project to combat sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) and promote gender equality .. (more)

Improving the life of Marginalized Community in Hambantota District

December 2020

SLCDF recently signed agreements with Hambantota Grameeya Sanvidana Sanwardana Padanama (District Consortium) and 8 member organizations to assist selected 120 families from 8 Divisional Secretaries’ Divisions in Hambantota District. HOPE .. (more)

Code of Ethics and Conduct for non-profit, non-governmental Voluntary Service Organizations in Sri Lanka

August 2020

Sri Lanka Centre for Development Facilitation in 2002 as a NGO evolved from Sri Lanka Canada Development Fund project (1987-2002) of Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Under this project supported .. (more)

SLCDF involvement with NLEAP project

July 2020

SLCDF has launched its “Establishment of Civil Society Structure for Official Language Policy” from June 01, 2020 till June 31, 2022. The goal of the project is to create a .. (more)

Third Phase for Building on Success and Expanding Participatory, Community Based Development – IDRF

January 2020

Building on Success and Expanding Participatory, Community Based Development for the year 2020 – Phase III is a project proposed by SLCDF to the India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF) .. (more)

“Integrating Entrepreneurship in Community Development” project funded by DIAKONIA

November 2019

The project “Integrating Entrepreneurship in Community Development” was initiated after the signing of the agreement with DIAKONIA in August 2019. It is being implemented in 3 countries including Sri Lanka, .. (more)

Dairy Development projects – Baseline Survey to Dairy Farmers and Hearing Survey to AI Technicians in Northern Province successfully concluded

October 2019

A Dairy Development Project funded by JICA / Oriental Consultants Global Co. Ltd was spear headed by Sri Lanka Centre for Development Facilitation (SLCDF) in Northern Province, Sri Lanka. The .. (more)

“Organisational Capacity Enhancement and Networking” (OCEAN) Project funded by the European Union

October 2019

The “Organisational Capacity Enhancement and Networking” (OCEAN) Project is an action that will contribute to a strengthened civil society which enhances their role in good governance and development processes and .. (more)

IDRF Funds SLCDF for a second phase in Kandy District

February 2019

SLCDF signed agreements with Kandy District Consortium of NGOs (HIFCO) and three member organizations for the project “Building on Success and Expanding Participatory, Community based Development”. This project is supported .. (more)

Economic Empowerment for Visually Impaired Individuals – funded by Hope International Development Agency (HIDA)

March 2018

A project for economic empowerment for Visually Impaired Individuals in Hambantota District is underway at present, commencing in November 2017. It will encompass a total of 39 families who will .. (more)

Crossing Boundaries Youth Groups in Sri Lanka- Helvetas

February 2018

Crossing Boundaries –Youth Groups in Sri Lanka project is mainly aimed at promoting peer learning and relationship building among culturally diverse young men and women (18-29 years of age) and .. (more)

Artificial Insemination Programme in Mullaitivu District

October 2016

SLCDF has received approval to implement a 3-year project “Collective Engagement for Equitable and Sustainable Growth for the Dairy Sector in Mullaitivu District through skill training for Private Artificial Inseminators” .. (more)

Strengthening Civil Society Structures for Sustainable Development

April 2016

“SLCDF signed agreements with four District Network Structures in East and South in developing and implementing poverty reduction and sustainable development strategies“ Diakonia and SLCDF in a partnership of five .. (more)

Local value chain development project

April 2016

SLCDF has started a project in Mullaitivu and Polonnaruwa districts with the support of donor agency Palmera in Australia. This project is being implemented in Mullaitivu district in Puthukudiyiruppu Divisional .. (more)


January 2015

With funding assistance of Stichting Gilles – Belgium, and technical support from National Aquatic and Research Agency (NARA), SLCDF started project of Building Sustainable FarmsAnd Communities For Coastal Aquaculture InSri .. (more)

Sustainable Interventions in Livelihoods in Kilinochchi (SILK)

November 2014

With the support of USAID, the Sri Lanka Centre for Development Facilitation (SLCDF) is implementing Sustainable Interventions in Livelihoods in Kilinochchi (SILK) project in the Northern Province in Sri Lanka. .. (more)

Ensuring environment sustainability – UNDP/ GEF SLCDF and HIFCO joint venture to address land degradation of Deltota Kandy

November 2014

Recently SLCDF signed an agreement with the Global Environment Facility/Small Grants Programme [GEF/SGP] of UNDP to address the adverse effects of Land Degradation towards Livelihood Development and Food Security. The .. (more)

Self Sustaining Dairy Programme, Snowballing along!

October 2014

The Rupees Thirty Million Heifer International funded dairy farming programme implemented by SLCDF in Hambantota and Matara districts in Sri Lanka initially benefited 304 farming families with further succeeding cycles .. (more)

Signed Agreement to form and strengthen a Federation of Women’s Organizations in Batticaloa District

January 2014

SLCDF signed an agreement with Diakonia Colombo Office to facilitate establishing a federation thus creating space for women to represent equally at all levels and ensure good governance from grassroots .. (more)

Transforming Marginalized Communities for Sustainable Development in Mullaitivu District

February 2013

SLCDF in its efforts to assist the marginalised communities in the North, welcomed the opportunity to implement the Diakonia (international NGO – Sri Lanka office) funded project with the NGO, .. (more)

Wage Labour to Dignified Self-Employment

October 2012

UEnd Foundation (formerly known as ChristmasFuture Foundation) is a registered charity, raising funds for projects through their website from philanthropists, especially, during the Christmas season. SLCDF partnered with this organization .. (more)

Economically Viable and Environmentally Friendly Livelihood Project in Moneragala District

September 2012

In September 2012, SLCDF began an environmentally friendly livelihoods project in Moneragala District funded by Canadian NGO, Hope International Development Agency (HIDA). The livelihoods include beekeeping, conservation farming and dairy .. (more)

Official Language Policy put into practice in Ruwanwella DSD

September 2012

National Language Programme is a joint initiative implemented by Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Ministry of National Language and Social Integration (MNSLI). NLP through its Public Engagement Fund provided .. (more)

Promoting Traditional Paddy

August 2012

SLCDF is promoting traditional (heirloom) varieties of rice all aromatic delectable and some even medicinal farmed under organic conditions among the farmers in collaboration with Rural Returns (Gte) Ltd., a .. (more)

Water Supply & Sanitation Project in Puttalam District

May 2012

NGOs’ Water Supply and Sanitation Decade Services, a local organisation established in 1954 provided funds to improve health and sanitation in three locations, one in Puttalam Divisional Secretary’s Division (DSD) .. (more)

Livelihood projects in Moneragala and Trincomalee Districts for vulnerable underprivileged and flood affected communities

November 2010

Canadian NGO, World Accord provided funds for livelihoods projects for vulnerable underprivileged in Moneragala District and flood affected communities in Trincomalee District in 2011. World Accord partnered SLCDF projects for .. (more)

Community Development in Eastern Province

July 2010

HOPE International Development Agency (HIDA) is a Canadian NGO working in partnership with SLCDF for over twenty five years. It has always shown its active support for poverty alleviation programmes .. (more)

Seed Paddy Comes Out Trumps!

September 2009

Another project funded partly by UEnd Foundation is the seed paddy project where start-up capital for ten families (two groups) was provided. They sold the produce and repaid their loans. .. (more)

Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction in Sri Lanka

January 2009

For twenty five years SLCDF has been working with the Canadian NGO, Cardinal Leger and His Endeavours (CLO). The last was a joint project along with Development and Peace completed .. (more)

Conservation Farming Offers More Reliable Yields

May 2008

SLCDF promotes conservation farming in anticipation of twin results. In homesteads, to halt land degradation in the marginal lands the poor are left with and to provide for enhanced food .. (more)

Sustainable Dairy Farming

June 2005

In the aftermath of the Asia Tsunami of December 2004, one successful attempt of SLCDF in helping the tsunami affected was the 5-year project with Heifer International U.S.A./Nepal. Project activities .. (more)