Upcycling P&P

July 2019

Why throw away P&P resources when unique creations as such can be made

Polythene Plastic Free World

July 2019

Students of Thelikada, Horagampita and Ginimallagaha Maha Vidyalaya of Baddegama in Galle participating in the Art, Essay and Poster Competition 2019 on the theme “Polythene, Plastics and Waste Free Ginganga .. (more)

Kudawella Fisheries Harbour Cleaning Campaign

June 2019

Kudawella Fisheries Harbour is the largest fisheries harbour in Hambantota District. The Harbour was cluttered up with huge mountains of waste materials, mostly plastics and polythene. It was selected as .. (more)

Drinking Water for Forty Marginalized Families

June 2019

IDRF supported RLF projects, stages I and II, have helped 60 families out of a community of 120 families in Nillambe Stage II Colony in Gampola Udapalatha in the Kandy .. (more)

SLCDF to develop capacities of organizations working with KP in Sri Lanka

June 2019

Sri Lanka Centre for Development Facilitation has conducted a Leadership, Communication and Presentation skills Development training workshop in association with FHI360 for Alcohol and Drug information Centre (ADIC), Community Strength .. (more)

Private Artificial Insemination Technicians Reach a Milestone

April 2019

Twenty-seven Private Artificial Insemination Technicians (PAITs) working in the Grama Niladari Divisions of Oddusuddan, Puthukudiryiruppu, Karathuraipatru, Manthai-East and Thunukkai in Mullaitivu District have passed the AI practical examination successfully. This .. (more)

Exposure Visit to India by SLCDF Staff

April 2019

The staff of SLCDF were given the opportunity of traveling to India on an exposure visit through the funding of Diakonia. On the 24th of October 2018 “team SLCDF” headed .. (more)

Helping Hands – Sri Lanka origin family living in Canada supported WHH families

April 2019

Three participants from women headed households and families with children with disabilities from Therungama a remote village in Angunakolapelessa Divisional Secretary’s Division in Hambantota have been initially assisted in mushroom .. (more)

Women oyster farmers saving time thanks to the tumbling machine introduced

March 2019

After a combined experiment of National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA), SLCDF and community members, has come up with an oyster tumbling machine which is highly efficient low .. (more)

“Crossing Boundaries – Youth Groups Sri Lanka” project South youth helps North peers in difficult times

February 2019

Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation funded “Crossing Boundaries – Youth Groups Sri Lanka 3-year project was just completed when floods hit Kilinochchi district. Several youth participated in the programme who live in .. (more)