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With funding assistance of Stichting Gilles – Belgium, and technical support from National Aquatic and Research Agency (NARA), SLCDF started project of Building Sustainable FarmsAnd Communities For Coastal Aquaculture InSri Lanka.

This pilot project has been launched in Kandakuliya and Gangewadiya in Puttalam district, based on the Kalpitiya Lagoon.
Objective of this project is to build a sustainable and inclusive value chain for mollusk aquaculture in coastal areas of Sri Lanka that gives marginalized coastal communities, and particularly women in those communities an opportunity to improve their livelihoods, reduce vulnerabilities, and enable them to participate in co-management of the resources.

This pilot project will continue until 31.5.2015 and the second phase will go into another 12 months

Main Project activities are
• Strengthen and sustain the mollusk shellfish safety and quality programme to ensure the product is safe for the market and the resources on which is form of aquaculture depends are managed in sustainable manner. Improve handling and processing of oysters and create a chain of custody and traceability with a view to sustainability and market safe certification

• Designate areas to be utilized and protected for bivalve farming, and institute processes with stakeholders to sustainably co-manage these areas and improve and maintain environmental cleanliness. Support capacities in communities to improve water and sanitation
• Refine and improve the culture process for farming of oysters by providing the current technologies and process for washing, grading and harvesting oysters with farmer training

• Strengthen community participation in enterprise ownership and management with training and capacity development and providing a mechanism for financing to communities engaged in oyster farming

• Develop the markets, both export and domestic with promotional events and participation in trade shows (in Sri Lanka and abroad in export markets), training of chefs, restaurant staff, and sellers of oysters (farmers) and diversifying products.

• Establish regional linkages between Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia for knowledge sharing and collaboration.