Local value chain development project

Dairy Techincal Training-Mullaitivu
Dairy Practical (Technical) Polonnaruwa
Fodder Cultivation in progress- Mullaitivu
Fodder Cultivation in progress - Polonnaruwa
Cattle Shed under construction
Cattle Shed under construction
Groundnut Cultivation
Groundnut cultivation
Groundnut 1st harvest - Pass on

SLCDF has started a project in Mullaitivu and Polonnaruwa districts with the support of donor agency Palmera in Australia. This project is being implemented in Mullaitivu district in Puthukudiyiruppu Divisional Secretariat Division focused on three villages Thevipuram A, Thevipuram B, Suthanthirapuram.

Here people were subjected to multiple displacements and have lost their livelihoods. The surveys conducted revealed that even after resettlement they have received minimal support to re-build their lives. This project intends to rebuild the lives of disabled families.

In Polonnaruwa district this project starts , Hingurakgoda DS division focused on two villages, Unagalawehera and Rajaelagama.

In Polonnaruwa District target groups for the proposed action are marginalized families in these two villages, including women headed families and those families with differently abled persons. Most heads of families still earn a little income from casual labor, whenever available. Most of them have much experience in crop agriculture and dairy farming, but not had the opportunity to engage in serious economic development activities due to lack of access to adequate capital. They are isolated from the mainstream in most aspects of life and therefore are open to further marginalization. They need additional support to improve their skills and their capacity for participation.

Objective of this project is increase the control and benefits of social and economic resources and improve the well being of the poor families. This project will continue for 3 years.
Main activities of this project are-
• Rapid village assessment
• District level stakeholder meetings
• Village level stakeholder meetings
• Family profile assessment
• Identify consultants and field staff
• Train market facilitator and community mobilizers.
• Sector assessment planning
• Women domestic work protection training
• Saving cluster formatting
• Financial literacy programme
• Stud bull programme
• Destitute programme
• Heifer model programme
• Develop model farmers