Artificial Insemination Programme in Mullaitivu District

SLCDF has received approval to implement a 3-year project “Collective Engagement for Equitable and Sustainable Growth for the Dairy Sector in Mullaitivu District through skill training for Private Artificial Inseminators” in Mullaitivu District, with funding assistance from Palmera Projects, an Australian based organization in collaboration with the Government of Australia.

SLCDF launched this programme on 21st October 2016 with Dr. (Ms) K. Kirijakala, Asst. Director, Department of Animal Production & Health, Mullaitivu District, all Veterinary Surgeons of the District, Livestock Development Officers and representatives from 5 Livestock Breeders’ Cooperative Societies (LIBCOs) in Mullaiitivu , representatives from World Vision, ZOA, World Concern and Yougashakthy Women Federation working in the District of Mullaitivu, considering the hands on experience of these organizations in implementing livestock development projects in the district

Key Stakeholders
● 15,000 Livestock farmers and their families in Mullaitivu District.
● 30 Private Artificial Insemination Technicians
● Livestock Breeders Cooperative Societies (LIBCOs)
● Department of Animal Production & Health (DAPH)
● Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science of the University of Peradeniya,
● NGO Management Development Centre

• To increase the income of livestock farmers by increasing the quantum and improving the quality of their yield

• 30 Private Artificial Technicians (PATs) services established in Mullaitivu
• Dairy farmers provided with AI and cattle management technologies and techniques services by trained PATs and in collaboration with the DAPH and LIBCO
• 6 LIBCOs strengthened to deliver improved services to farmers and to manage the program The project is well managed, has community ownership and support and effectively assist Palmera’s partner to strengthen their development capacity